Deborah Greenaway

Teacher of French and Spanish

About my classes

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I am Deborah, a fully-qualified and experienced teacher of French and Spanish to Year 7-10 children and adolescents. I provide stimulating and enjoyable 30-minute one-to-one sessions on Skype. I encourage your child to speak the foreign language they are learning at school in a stress-free and fun-filled way. There is little or no writing involved. The aim is to gain confidence in speaking and understanding. You will be surprised at the amount of progress that can be made in half an hour!

Your child will also be provided with a written and spoken record of everything we have studied in the session, plus a short piece of work based around a photo or another visual aid. This ensures that “maintenance” work is done between sessions. Two children of different ages and languages can take two back-to-back classes in an hour. (See rates below)

Foreign language learning has become somewhat ignored and neglected in the current English curriculum. This is a terrible shame because there is nothing more exciting than using a foreign language to communicate when travelling abroad or even making new friends at home! It can also lead to greater job opportunities later in life and boost your child’s brain power, increasing their competence in other school subjects! So start speaking a foreign language NOW!

About me

It wasn’t until I was 15, and in France for the first time, that I experienced the thrill of communicating with a REAL French person. To be able to say something and to be understood by that person was a feeling I shall never forget and I realised that all those years of learning French verbs was worth it! This motivated me to do French and German at A Level and obtain a BEd in French at Westminster College, Oxford. Throughout my career I have taught French, English, Spanish and German to all ages and levels, both in the UK and abroad. I was Head of the French Department at a London comprehensive for some years, before adding an RSA TEFL certificate to my qualifications. This enabled me to live and work as an English teacher in France for 6 years. When I moved to Spain, where I am currently based, I was able to teach both English and French. I have been teaching online for over 6 years now, as I travel to Mexico and Thailand in the winter. I have learned to speak Thai and still feel the same thrill whenever I communicate with someone in their native language. I guarantee your child will feel the same thrilling sense of achievement in our lessons!

My rates

Years 7-10 Fluency, Fun and Confidence Classes

£12.50 for a 30-minute one-to-one session, plus a written and spoken record of the lesson and a maintenance session to do at home.

£24 for two CONSECUTIVE 30-minute lessons + record of lesson etc. Can be 30 minutes of French and 30 minutes of Spanish but must be different children.

Years 10 and 11 Exam Preparation (GCSE only)

£30 per hour

Cancellation policy

Less than 12 hours in advance, full payment required. More than 12 hours in advance, class can be rescheduled.

Payment is via PayPal or by bank transfer immediately after the session.

I am currently teaching some pupils from Heathfield Schools and this has been a great success.Here is a comment from a parent whose two children are currently studying with me:

“I’d like to recommend Deborah Greenaway as a language tutor. She is currently doing Skype tutoring with our year 7 and year 9 kids (in French and Spanish respectively). Originally a UK-trained language teacher, she is now based in Spain. She makes the lessons fun and certainly brings language learning alive! I hear lots of laughter during the half-hour slots – a key ingredient for learning anything!”


+34 625 365 938 (Spain)

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